Eric (kb9vcn) wrote in sandman100,

Running Lights ("red")

Title: Running Lights
Challenge: "red"
Type: Humor; 100 words
Points to: Ruby's replacement.

This is an out-take from "Brief Lives," when Delirium first got to drive.

Sandman © DC Comics.

Delirium cheerfully drove herself and her brother through a red light. But she turned around in her seat and looked back at the traffic light. "Why do the lights have only three colors?" she asked.

"Those three are generally sufficient for controlling traffic," Dream noted.

"But there are so many other colors!" Delirium shouted, as the car rolled to a stop. "There should be a singing light, and a salty light, and a light that turns cars into giraffes! Don't you think so!?"

"I think," Dream said mildly, "that you should push your foot against the pedal on the right."

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