Eric (kb9vcn) wrote in sandman100,

In The Dark On The Dark ("shadows")

Title: In The Dark On The Dark
Challenge: "shadows"
Type: Humor; 100 words
Points to: The Pumpkinhead.

Sandman © DC Comics.

Lucien and Mervyn bowed respectfully, as Dream passed them in a well-lit hallway.

"Hey, Loosh?" asked Mervyn. "Didja notice the boss didn't have a shadow?"

"That's not unusual," Lucien said. "Lord Morpheus only casts a shadow when it occurs to him to do so."

Mervyn puffed on his ever-present cigar. "That's just like him. Head in the clouds, moonin' about, while us workin' stiffs gotta obey what passes fer the laws o' physics 'round here."

Lucien sighed. "Mervyn..."

"Ya know, Loosh, some guys mean well, but they just ain't bright enough ta cast a shadow."

"Quite so," Lucien said dryly.

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