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New Challenge: October 5th

::Headdesk:: Somehow Wednesday got past me....

The "red" challenge is now closed; points go to Delirium

This weeks challenge: shadows -- actual shadows of objects, figurative shadows like the echoes of something or some idea, psychic shadows, whatever comes to mind.
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New moderator message

Thanks for handing the torch to me, avraiel_wings

Hello, everyone! I'm a frequent reader and occasional poster on this site, and I'm honored to be your new moderator.

I'm changing the date the challenges will be posted, from Sunday to Wednesday (Cookies to anyone who gets that reference...), so the next new challenge will show up this Wednesday, Sept. 28th.
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Mod message

As I'm sure you've all noticed, I've been falling down on posting new challenges lately. I've been getting busier and busier, and I just can't always find the time.

Therefore, I'm willing to hand the community over to a new moderator and challenge-setter, if there are any volunteers. Comment to this post if you'd like to take over.